Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center

Date: 24 Jan 2015
Category: Greater Oyster Point

The EDA has negotiated with the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, Inc. (VTCRC) to locate its office and showroom space in the ARC Building. Locating VTCRC in the ARC Building is designed to help connect entrepreneurs, larger companies, academic researchers and other resources to help develop Tech Center Research Park businesses. VTCRC now occupies space on the second floor (which includes space that was the former EDA Board Conference Room) and has performed extensive leasehold improvements to the space and appropriate common areas. The leasehold improvements included paint, carpet, lighting, ceiling fans, storefront windows and space configuration changes.

ARC Cosmetic Upgrades/Modernization

In addition to leasehold improvements to the leased space above, the EDA performed upgrades in other portions of the ARC Building. Negotiating with the already mobilized contractor allowed the EDA to take significant advantage of economies of scale. The additional improvements upgraded the remaining commercial space on the second floor, the vast majority of the commercial space on the third floor, EDA space on the fourth and fifth floors, as well as the hallway, kitchen and restroom areas on each floor of the building.

ARC Structural Upgrades/Modernization

In early 2015, the EDA upgraded the Building Automation System (BAS) in the ARC Building. The BAS controls the heating and air-conditioning systems and the upgrade will result in increased efficiencies in those systems. In 2015, the EDA also authorized an extensive HVAC conversion and replacement of the entire roof. The existing HVAC system has surpassed its 15-year life expectancy and the unit itself, along with the mechanical equipment area floor, needs replacing. Complete system replacement is planned for Spring 2016. The new roof is estimated to be complete at the same time, as the two projects will need to be planned concurrently.

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