Transportation Improvements  & Infrastructure

Transportation Improvements & Infrastructure

Date: 24 Jan 2015
Category: Greater Oyster Point

The original Canon Transportation Opportunity Funds (TPOF) program, a $5 million grant resource, continued providing incredible value in 2015 to the City’s Greater Oyster Point transportation network with completed and ongoing projects creating connections in key locations. Funding was applied to new sidewalk/bikeway improvements from the Canon Boulevard/Old Oyster Point Road intersection up to Village Green Parkway in anticipation of connecting with completed sidewalks wrapping around the new Tech Center Marketplace and extending to the Hogan intersection on Jefferson Avenue, also completed later in 2015. A major Canon Boulevard segment, and connection to TPOF sidewalks completed in 2014, was also bid and was awarded in 2015 to connect between City Center Boulevard and Lakefront Commons, bringing the total new connections to approximately 2.25 miles in 2014 and 2015.

Relevant to workforce transportation, staff to the EDA directly assisted Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) in determining the best timing for bus lines to provide service through greater Oyster Point to best meet needs for shift workers at high employment centers such as Canon Virginia, Inc., in 2015. EDA staff will continue to provide this important support function for our City’s workforce and engage with HRT on route alterations Peninsula-wide to help respond effectively to shifting demands.

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